Adam Acoustic Guitar Listening

Acoustic Guitar Listening Tommy Emanuel, Endless Road This song is from Tommy Emanuel’s 2000 studio album Only. This album was produced by Rod Tamlyn mixed by Richard Lush and mastered by Jonathan Russell. I like it because the crystal clean tone of the steal string guitar. Estas Tonne, Song of the golden dragon This […]

Aaron’s Acoustic Guitar Listening Examples

1).One of my favorite acoustic guitar recording is ” No Gray ” by Jonathan McReynolds. Jonathan McReynolds is one of the leading urban gospel artists,  possessing a sound that unique and hip.  His sound can be described as soulful and pure” with lyrics that draw the listener into what he is truly saying under all […]

Daniel Hubert Acoustic Guitar Examples

Who Needs You – Queen Aside from the fact that this is just a great song, the guitars actually sound really good. There are two separate acoustic guitar tracks with slight tonal differences which adds to the song’s atmosphere nicely. The lead track (panned hard left) is brighter than the rhythm track which is blended in […]