Allie’s Electric Bass Recording

The bassist is Steven J- Roe In this Recording we used a Yamaha TRBX174, it is a 4-string Electric Bass with Alder Body, Maple Neck, Sonokeling Fingerboard, 1 Split-coil Pickup, and 1 Single-coil Pickup. We recorded through a Radial ProD2 2-channel Passive Instrument Direct Box into the Neve. I added Compression, EQ, and reverb for effect.

Derisa’s Electric Bass Recording

Bassist: Skyler Diacheysn Ibanez TR 80 with round wound strings Microphones: Shenniser  421 and AKG D112   Arron and I recorded electric bass and we experimented with three different techniques. First we tried recording the bass directly through the Presonus interface. In the recording we used a Modern Stack sound for the bass and the Channel […]

Chris Smith Piano and Voice Duet

This duet was performed by Dillon Acey on piano and Angelika Robison on vocals. We used a Sennheiser MD42 with a pop filter for the vocals and two Neuman TLM103’s to mic the piano Sources: How To Record Piano How to Record Better Vocals: The Beginner’s Guide    

Chris Smith Acoustic Guitar Recording

Chris Smith Acoustic Guitar Recording Recording #1 I like the full and balanced sound of the 184 positioned at the sound hole. Recording #2 I don’t like how bright the guitar sounds in this mix. It’s much too abrasive and lacks body. Sources: The 4 Rules Of Acoustic Guitar Recording