Derisa’s Acoustic Guitar Recording

We recorded the acoustic guitar in class. The microphones that were used in this experiment were the Neuman 147 and a pair the Neumann 187’s. I found that the pair of 187 provided the best sound because it was able to capture the full range of the instrument. We placed one by the sound hole and the other by the fret board. The other configuration using the Neumann 147 by the sound hole. It picked up more of the lows but was not my favorite.


Chris Smith Acoustic Guitar Recording

Chris Smith Acoustic Guitar Recording

Recording #1

I like the full and balanced sound of the 184 positioned at the sound hole.

Recording #2

I don’t like how bright the guitar sounds in this mix. It’s much too abrasive and lacks body.


The 4 Rules Of Acoustic Guitar Recording


Aaron’s Acoustic Guitar Review

For acoustic guitar recording we as a class tried a few different techniques. We first tried a Neumann 187 pair on the fret and placed the other at the sound hole. We discovered this provided a round and full sound from the guitar with equal low end and body with a lot of articulation of the string. We then used one mic (Tube Neumann 147) at the middle of the guitar right above the sound hole hand. This technique capture the overall contour and sound of the guitar but it was not as detailed as the other technique with the Neumann pair.


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Taylor Acoustic Guitar Recording

I recorded a Fender acoustic guitar with steel strings.

I chose the Neumann KM184, as I’ve heard this mic on acoustic guitars in the past and liked it.

For the first take, I put the mic between the sound hole and the 12th fret. This sounded very boomy, but picked up a lot of tone.

For the second take, I moved the mic to right over the 12th fret. This eliminated a lot of the boomy low end, but lost some of the overall tone of the guitar.

For the third take, I decided to try something that I saw on a video by Neumann on acoustic mic techniques. This was to put a mic between the bridge and sound hole to get a lot of tone and articulation.


All of the tracks have slight EQ and compression. In the first track, I left a lot of the low end in the track that was boomy that I would usually EQ out, to show how that mic naturally picked up the guitar.


Madison’s Acoustic Guitar Recordings

The acoustic guitar recording project took place in the Black Box Studio at JU. Since the Neve board was not funtioning correctly for a long time, we decided to do the Acoustic Guitar Recording together as a class. We recorded Dr. Snyders Martin acoustic with two different mics. We used a Neumann M147 tube mic and a Neumann TLM103 Large Diaphram Cardiod Condensor mic.

Since this assignment was done wiht the whole class, this post will focus more on my own individual research on recording acoutic guitar.

To learn how to record the acoustic guitar I refrenced three different sources including: The Recording Engineers Handbook by Bobby Owsinski, Recording Magazine and Practical Recording Techniqes by Bruce Bartlett & Jenny Bartlett.  All of my refrences mention not to aim any mic straight at the sound hole because that often produces a boomy, muddy sound from all the air coming out of the sound hole. The Recording Engineers Handbook states, “Place one mic about 8 inches away from and pointing at the
fretboard where it meets the body”. This seems to be the closest to what we acually did in the studio. We may however, placed the mics a little further back, closer to 12 inches.

The Recording Engineers Handbook and Practical Recording Techniqes mention another technique to record acoustic guitar. They suggest to try recording stereo, with two mics. They suggest placing one mic 12 inches away from the guitar facing the 12th fret and another mic 12 inches from the guitar facing halfway between the bridge and the back end of the guitar.

I liked the sound of the Tube Neumann the most. It seemed to capture the timbre of the guitar ver well.


Adam Acoustic Guitar Recording

Acoustic Guitar Recording

Guitar Used:
Martin Acoustic

Mics Used:
Neumann 184
Neumann 147

The Neumann 184 was placed at the sound hole a few inches away and the Neumann 147 was placed facing the 12th fret of the guitar.

The 184 is a Small-diaphragm Cardioid Microphone. It sounded clear with a great balance of brightness for recording acoustic guitar.

The 147 is a Cardioid Tube Condenser Microphone. It sounded clear and warm with a great balance of brightness for recording acoustic guitar,

Both mics sound great on their own and work well for the application of recording acoustic guitar. However, when both mics are used at the same time it creates a great warm and full tone that in my opinion is far superior to either of them alone.