Chris Smith Upright Bass Recording

Chris Smith Upright Bass Recording The bassist performing on these recordings is Kameron Watkins playing an Andreas Eastman upright bass crafted by Eastman Strings. Upright Bass Recording #1 – Sennheiser KM184 positioned at bottom of F hole & Neuman TLM49 positioned at the bridge I like the body the Sennheiser gives to the overall sound of […]

Derisa’s Upright Bass Listening

Her 2010 Grammy Award-winning album “Chamber Music Society” Esperanza Spalding plays upright bass on “Little Fly” and sings to the words of poet Willam Blake. What I like about this recording is even with graceful strings and bird-like chirps, they are all unintrusive when it comes to the bass which is at the very center […]

Daniel Hubert Upright Bass Recording

Recording Partner: Taylor Neal First Configuration: For this recording an Andreas Eastman 3/4 size upright bass is played first with fingers, then with a bow. A Neumann TLM 49 large diaphragm condenser microphone was placed about 3-4 inches away from the center of the bridge of the bass. The sound is punchy when fingered and the […]

Aaron and Derisa’s Upright bass recording

We recorded upright bass today and used several techniques in the process.  There were a few challenges, mainly having to do with a few bad mic cables and making the ignorant mistake of not having the phantom power turned on for the small condenser mic ( AKG C460 B).  We tried three techniques, one using  […]